Curriculum Vitae

2002-2007 Newtown Ambulance, Newtown, CT
2006 to present, Naturopathic Doctor, Santa Fe, NM
2008 to 2011 Eldorado Fire & Rescue, Santa Fe, NM
2009 to present, ED Dept., CSVRM Hospital, Santa Fe, NM 2009 to 2012, DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team of NM)
2011 to present, Gaiam, Health Care Product Consultant
2014 to present, President & Founder, Global Outreach Doctors

Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM
Naturopathic Doctor, January 2006 to present.
Treating patients with homeopathy, herbs, nutraceuticals and supplements for viral/bacterial infections, nutritional deficiencies, appendicitis, stress, hypothyroid/hyperthyroid, adrenal dysfunction, liver toxicity, colitis, sleep disorders, skeletal/muscular injuries, head injuries, lacerations, common colds, arthritis, mononucleosis, emotional in-balance, upper respiratory issues, allergies.

Tacloban, Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT-I, November/December 2013
RTR Hospital, Makati Search & Rescue, Various local/international NGOs.
Treated 600+ patients over 15 days in 8 regions accessed by ground/ helicopter transport.
Retrieved non survivors for Search & Rescue operations.

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Earthquake 2010
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT-I , March 2010 and June 2010
Homeopaths Without Borders, International Medical Corps, Hopital Universite’ D’ Haiti, Emergency Department JP/HRO (actor Sean Penn's Emergency Room clinic)

Jalapa, Nicaragua
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT-I, January 2010
Various country wide regional clinics. Jalapa Hospital, Emergency Department

Kenya, Africa
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT-I, January 2009, February 2010, October 2013
Various country wide regional clinics
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT-I, April 2008

Dharmastali, Nepal
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT,-I April 2007.
Various country wide regional clinics

Amazon Jungle, Iquitos, Peru.
Visiting Naturopathic Doctor, EMT,-I May 2006.
Various country wide regional clinics

Synopsis of patients in developing countries listed above: Treated almost 3000 villagers in remote rural/city regions of Haiti, Philippines, Nicaragua, Africa, Nepal, and the Amazon Jungle, without running water/electricity. Some locations accessible only by boat or helicopter. Crisscrossed these countries transporting medicine and working in several villages and clinics. Collected/donated/packaged/transported from USA and in most cases provided all medicine/medical equipment, incl. pharmaceuticals, 7,000 pills/ powders/tinctures/pharmaceuticals per location. Medical issues: blunt trauma, Aids/HIV, typhoid, malaria, cholera, Schistosmiasis (burrowing worm), parasites, Tuberculosis, HTN, respiratory distress, wound infection, goiter, impetigo, diabetes, edema, scabies, pregnancy, lacerations, viral/bacterial infections, repetitive motion injuries, skeletal/muscular issues, leishminiasis, lymphomas.

White Sands, New Mexico
EMS medical team member, EMT-I, March, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
New Mexico Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)
Baatan Memorial Death March, annual event attended by 10,000 people.

Black Rock Desert, Nevada
EMS medical team member, EMT-I, August 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
“Burningman,“ annual event attended by 50,000 people. Treated hundreds in this remote desert location w/no running water/electricity/ ambient temps of 110 degrees.
Medical issues: Drug over-doses, third degree burns, dehydration, ETOH, lacerations, suicides, eye injuries, diabetic emergencies, skeletal/muscular injuries.

Santa Fe, NM
Director, Multi Venue Event Fundraisers, 2011, 2012, 2013
Raised $30,000 for the Maasai Tribe of Kenya, Africa to build school facilities. Raised $22,000 to build a medical clinic on the island of Lamu, Kenya. Hired photographer; obtained a 3 page, four color NYT editorial in the Sunday Travel section about the Maasai tribe; resulted in tremendous income for tribe through safari bookings.

New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA, Westport, CT, Atlanta, GA
Owner/CEO, 1984-2003
National Video Center, National Group of Companies. Held various positions including owner/Chief Executive Officer of a diversified media/technology company with 1000 employees in several US cities.

Hampshire College, Bachelor of Arts, 1984 Clayton College of Natural Health, Doctor of Naturopathy
Harvard Humanitarian Academy

Interests: horseback riding, hiking, camping, motorcycling, weight lifting, organic food, exercise, activities with my children.